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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Governator Thinks Its Time to Discuss

The Governator has told the press that he believes its time to open debate on the legalization of marijuana. This announcement comes days after a poll demonstrated that 56% of Californians are pro legalization of marijuana.

I have to wonder how sincere his belief is considering his past actions. I don't believe Arnie is all that concerned with actually legalizing marijuana, however he sees the voters are all for it and realizes that his term as Governor is coming to an end and he will have to face re-election. What better way to get re-elected than to side with the people on a polarizing topic such as this. It won't matter what the rest of his policies are, it will only matter that the pro-marijuana movement has a voice.

As much as I love the idea that the marijuana legalization movement will be heard, I doubt Arnie would actually do anything. He is appeasing the masses with kind soft words that he knows all to well he will never have to backup. He never has to back up his words, because marijuana is illegally federally in the United States, and as such a state governor has no power to overturn federal law.

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