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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cooking With Mary Jane - a call for recipes

I have been running an ongoing series on here posting various recipes for cooking with marijuana. I am planning on continuing this series, and I have many more recipes to share, however I would like to expand upon this. I am looking for even more, I would like enough recipes to print up in a book, I have a good start to this already, but I am looking for more. What I am asking for is for my readers to submit their recipes to me. You can either post it as a response on here or email me direct at ivxxapparel@gmail.com, I have already have the printing process set, I just need additional content. What I am offering is a 25% discount on the book when it comes out to anyone who provides a recipe that is used in the book upon release of the book.

Of course all my readers will get first crack at purchasing the book before it hits amazon.com or the bookstores.

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