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Friday, 3 October 2008

Governator Reprises and Old Role

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to his roll as the Terminator in his vetoing of A.B. 2279 the California legislation that would restrict employers from firing or not hiring legal medicinal marijuana users. Critics incorrectly claimed that this bill would allow people to come in to work stoned to jobs where mental alertness was an imperative safety measure. In point of fact the bill specifically specifies that the user cannot use while at work and has provisions for positions where safety would be an issue. So basically the Governator has simply assured that companies can terminate employees for following the law of California.

Shame on you Arnie, why is it you think it is a good idea to add to the economic crisis by increasing the number of unemployed?

Apparently Arnie's reason for vetoing this bill was that he felt that the people of California did not intend to include job security when they voted to allow medicinal marijuana. So by that reasoning Arnold figures the people of California wanted sick people to lose their job for the sole reason that they are sick.

Here is his press release from the vetoing of the bill:

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 2279 without my signature.

This bill attempts to shield qualified medical marijuana patients employed in non safety- sensitive positions from employment discrimination. However, I am concerned with interference in employment decisions as they relate to marijuana use. Employment protection was not a goal of the initiative as passed by voters in 1996.

For these reasons, I am returning this bill without my signature.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. Hey,

    I like the blog, and completely agree that it should be legalized here in the States, too. My name connections to a page I made on the same subject trying to make the same argument. Check it out, and feel free to link if you like it. It's amazing to me it's legal to make your own booze (even though alcohol is more dangerous and stills can explode) but smoking a joint can get you in trouble.

    Thanks again for the blog, and keep up the good fight!



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