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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Infant Dies At Unlicensed Daycare - Nashville News Story - WSMV Nashville

This is an absolute tragedy, no doubt about it. An infant died while being cared for at an unlicensed daycare in Tennessee. I feel for the parents, and I feel for everyone involved.

The reason this story is being posted to this board... well "Edna Murray," the proprietor, "tested positive for marijuana when they arrived at the center." What does marijuana have to do with this case... no idea. Why was she tested for marijuana, no idea. Except that a tip was given to police years ago that marijuana was smelt near Murray's home. This is more fear mongering by the marijuana war fans. They are using this travesty to justify that marijuana is evil, despite the fact that no evidence has been given to suggest marijuana played any part of this tragic stiuation.

Infant Dies At Unlicensed Daycare - Nashville News Story - WSMV Nashville

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