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Monday, 27 April 2009

A Modest Proposal

It is clear that we are not winning the war on drugs. Therefor something must be done, and to this end I have a modest proposal in order to stop the violence, bloodshed, addiction, and suffering that is caused by drugs. It is a modest proposal, one that would cost a fraction of the current war, and it would be 100% effective. It is time for an all out offensive on drugs.

Recall the forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, there services are required here at home to defeat the nefarious drug fiends. As everyone knows once a person even touches an illicit drug they are turned into a murderous fiend and thief. They will immediately go home and slaughter their family and rob the nearest liquor store. With this in mind my suggestion is not as radical as it will first appear.

What we must do is anytime someone is even suspected of having seen drugs we must send in a strike force to eliminate him. I don't mean arrest, detain, question and incarcerate, I mean take him out permanently, murderize him, put him six feet under, wack him, whatever term you prefer for putting two bullets in his chest and one in his head.

Since we know an addict of marijuana (or any other illicit drug) will immediately contract that horrible and incurable disease of reefer madness which will grant them superhuman strength and the desire to consume human blood. Studies have shown that vampire myths are based on reefer addicts.

By simply killing anyone who has contact with drugs we ensure that the rest of society can continue. Sure we will be slaughtering many humans, but as the movie "Wanted" taught us, "Kill one, save a thousand".

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