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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Canadian Press: Supreme Court of Canada won't hear appeal of medical marijuana case

The Supreme Court of Canada is refusing to hear an appeal by the Government to overturn the decision by the Ontario Supreme Court stating that the Medicinal Marijuana Access Regulations are invalid. This mean that compassion clubs and dispensaries could be something we start seeing here in Canada shortly.

Under the current law only the government is allowed to grow for more than one patient, however since it is known that the pot the government provides is little better than ditch weed and they can't seem to keep pace with demand it was deemed that it violates the Charter of Rights to limit other growers, who can do a much better job than the government, to just grow for one patient. This opens the door for commercial growers to start growing for multiple patients.

Now its up to the government to figure out how they are going to fix the current regulations to allow more commercial growers. Considering Harper's stance on drugs, they will probably respond by ignoring the courts which will open up more lawsuits against the government.

The Canadian Press: Supreme Court of Canada won't hear appeal of medical marijuana case

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