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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

THC and Alcohol

I am always interested to read new studies about the effects of marijuana, both the negative and positive. When I found this one I had to laugh. The study claimed to demonstrate that alcohol when combined with marijuana was considerably more toxic then alcohol alone. Now first the absurdity of the study itself struck me. Naturally mixing alcohol and marijuana is going to have the negatives of both drugs, but upon further reading I realized that the silliness goes much much deeper. The claim is that when THC and ethanol mix there is wide spread neurological damage, the problem is that it only happens in the young. They used rats for the study and found that 7 day old rats were seriously affected by being given what amounts to Green Dragon. The lesson here is don’t give your kids green dragon, it may harm them. Now did anyone hear really need a study to tell them not to get their kinds strunk?


  1. Hmm doesn't sound so silly to me. You never noticed a beer with a spliff gets you way more affected than either a beer or a spliff on it's own???

  2. You missed the point of my comments. Sure the effects are compound and altered, my point is the article claims the study claims to be proof that wide spread neurological damage occurs when you mix the two when the truth is the study demonstrates that only among the young is there any neurological damage recorded.



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