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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Siding With The DEA for Once

Legalization of marijuana is an issue that I am passionate about, I believe that if marijuana were legal there would be a serious drop in crime, and under age marijuana users would decline drastically as well. However every now and then a marijuana abuser comes along and knocks the cause back on its heels. Angela Daily from Licking County Ohio is just such a person. Now she is only 16 so perhaps her stupidity can be forgiven and chalked up as a stupid teenager mistake, however the severity of what she allegedly did is so immense that I don’t think so.

This story hit the news because of a pawn transaction. A camcorder was brought into a pawn shop on loan with a tape in it, the pawn shop workers viewed the tape and saw Daily, with the help of an 18 year old unidentified male, forcing a two year old toddler to take marijuana and other unspecified drugs.

If there were ever a case for justifiable life sentence of a marijuana user this is it. First she was dumb enough to allow herself to be video taped doing this despicable act, then she was dumb enough not to make sure the tape was safe. Now on top of that the crime itself is so low that I don’t think anyone is likely to have much sympathy for this girl or her accomplice.

Forcing drugs on anyone is a horrendous act at the best of times, now add to that that this was a two year old child, and suddenly it is compounded a thousand times. Daily faces Child Endangerment and Corrupting a Youth charges, and I hope they throw the book at her. I am rarely on the side of the DEA and the US justice system on marijuana related crimes, but in this case fry her and her cohort.



  1. I fully agree. Acts of this nature are not just heinous, they're another bullet in the backs of all pro cannabis campaigners. It's pretty sick (as in bad sick, not homie sick).

    Indica Man

  2. Yes people spend so much time arguing that cannabis can be used responsibly and some nitwit pulls a stunt like this so the prohibitionists can go "well look at this person, would you call that responsible". Beyond even that the forcing drugs on a toddler is just wrong on so many levels. I am not a big fan of saying something is immoral because morality is such a personal thing, but this was definitely an immoral act.

  3. Hmmm, I'd tend to file this story along with the one about "Amy Winehouse Forces Kitten to Smoke CRACK!" (a genuine story from the Sun, including info such as "the intoxicated kitten thought it could fly").

    Angela Daily may exist, and may indeed have done this, but it seems just as likely it's an easily-fabricated story about the horrors of drugs and the innate evil of all drug users. Looking back over the years there have been many outraged tabloid stories written around a single picture of a baby with an unlit joint in its mouth. No argument that parents who would take such a picture are clearly morons (and probably unfit to raise kids), but the howling of the gutter press is far more offensive, IMHO.

    Incidentally, the 'source' link seems to be broken, and I couldn't google up any information about Ms. Daily of Licking County. I'd expect a bigger deal to be made about this story if it was verifiable. As you point out in the post, this is exactly the kind of item the MSM loves to run with.

    Finally, how *does* one force a baby to consume cannabis? Blow-backs? Convoluted college-style glass bowl to trap smoke around the head? Blowing it in the kid's face? Chanting "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!" until the baby gives in to peer pressure?

  4. The source link works fine for me.

    As for how to force a baby to consume cannabis, well in this case its a toddler not a baby, a two year old will pretty much do what they are told to do if told with the proper tone of voice.

  5. I'm not sure that a two-year-old is physically capable of inhaling smoke, whether tobacco or cannabis, no matter how sternly it's ordered to do so.

    I'm still of the opinion that there's a 50/50 chance this is a made up news story.
    (will try link again)

    Also, the 'other, unspecified drugs' would most likely amount to a potential fatality in a young child, which might warrant a charge of attempted murder. This would make it a bigger story.

    The mention of other drugs seems like another hole in the story.
    If the substances had been named, there would be more to follow up - in terms of harm to the child and legal proceedings.
    Since cannabis won't actually harm even a 2yo, it can stand as a general 'drugs are evil' story without needing too much more examination.

    Finally, since the other drugs were unspecified (unidentifiable from their image on the video?) how is it certain that the joint/pipe being forced on the toddler contained cannabis? Did they roll it on camera?

    The more I think about this, the more I'm leaning towards 70% chance of it being mostly fictional.

    If the story ever surfaces again, I think there's an excellent chance it will turn out to be a video of teenagers putting a fake/real joint in a kid's mouth and laughing about it.

    It's well within the bounds of reason that a local newspaper could report an image of a baby with a lit or unlit hand-rolled tube in its mouth as A BABY FORCED TO TAKE DRUGS!

  6. Sorry for the double post. Got the link to work, and I must say, there's nothing in the story that specifies that the older idiots actually forced the baby to ingest cannabis or other drugs.

    One wording is 'giving marijuana to a toddler' which could easily mean having the kid hold a lit or unlit joint.

    Another wording is 'holding the child while causing her to take', which could mean that the kid was exposed to passive smoke in the arms of the 16yo as she smoked.

    Finally, the wording 'marijuana and/or other drugs' suggests an unidentified substance that's assumed to be (or reported as) cannabis.

    Stupid, no doubt - kids around drugs, taping the situation, then making the tape public. Triple dumb with a side order of asshole.

    However, this really sounds like a drug hysteria story, an 'all cannabis smokers should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law' story, but not much of a drug abuse/corruption story.

  7. Texas no!

    Looks like an epidemic.

    Weird that two similar stories made national news in the US at more or less the same time.

    Not suggesting conspiracy, just coincidence.

    However, it could be seen in the same light as 'pit bull attack' media-binges - where various serious attacks by dogs are reported in short timespan, then nothing for years.

    It's almost as if dogs don't bite people in the hiatuses between dog attack reports being newsworthy...



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