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Monday, 7 April 2008

Pet Peeve

As every reader of the blog is well aware I am very pro marijuana legalization, that being said I have to air some grievances I have over the arguments my fellow activists use. The fight to get marijuana legalized is an uphill battle that many are opposed to outright, the arguments we have to make must be well thought out logical arguments with strong scientific and/or historical backing.

The argument that bothers me most is “marijuana is a natural plant and thus harmless”, of course it is rarely so blunt as that, but many argue that because it is a plant it is not dangerous. This argument irritates me because it is so easily countered. There are a host of plants that are fatally poisonous, why associate Deadly Nightshade with Cannabis in the minds of our opponents?

In any debate it is best to stick to facts and not rhetoric. Cannabis is a natural plant, but to use that statement as a defense to why it should be legal to smoke it is downright ridiculous.

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