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Friday, 2 March 2007

Cooking With Mary Jane Part 2 - Green Dragon

Green Dragon will mess you up. This is one way to ingest marijuana that is instant gratification you will get stoned and drunk (or as I call it Strunk) right away.

• A bottle of the strongest alcohol you can stomach (vodka or rum work well)
• ½ gram of ground bud, hash, or shake per oz of alcohol

Pour some of the alcohol out (as much as a fourth but no more) in order to make room for the marijuana. Put the ground marijuana in the bottle reseal and shake vigorously. Place in a warm dark spot (behind a furnace is ideal) for 2-3 weeks shaking vigorously every day. Use as you would the alcohol you used to make it, you can mix it or drink it straight.

NOTE: All drinks made with green dragon will not be the colour you expect, green dragon does not retain the original colour of the alcohol so it tints any drink made with it accordingly. So drinks such as at Potequilla sunrise will probably have a greenish and purple haze instead of the bright oranges you would expect.


  1. you're not heating the alcohol for a quick 20 minutes extraction eh? How many milliliters to do consider a liquid oz? 250ml/8 ? Would each oz be a doze for a single person? How much time does it take to kick off?

    I have another unrelated question. Have you ever heard of a method to mix weed with butter? You grind the weed as small as possible and mix with microwaved butter. put back in the fridge, then microwaved again, 4 times. I am guessing it would become somewhat homogeneous. Then you can use the butter for any regular recipe, such as cakes. Did you know about this one?

    Another, again unrelated, question.
    Have you heard of July 13th 2007?

    "A July 13th, 2007 decision in Ontario Provincial court has struck
    down the criminal posession laws (R. v. Long). Cannabis possession in
    Canada is therefore legal for the time being."


  2. If you heat the alcohol you lose a fair amount of alcohol in the process since alcohol has a low boiling temp. Doing it the slow way ensures the full effect of both the pot and the alcohol.

    I haven't heard of that method of making cannabutter, but if you look here: http://420-now.blogspot.com/2007/02/cooking-with-mary-jane-part-1.html
    you will see a couple other methods. Have you ever tried the microwave method?

    I will have to look into that decision, I don't know that a court decision by a provincial court would truely have any real effect on the law.

  3. Smokecool
    Making Cannabutter is the best way to do it.. it involes using water and butter to cook it then letting it cool in the fridge then scoping the butter off the top and throwing out the water. The water takes all the nasty tastes out. You can look on you tube for a video or google The Art and Since of Cooking with Cannabis.

    good luck
    ps. if any1 has made the green dragon before would u post ur resolts and how u did it

  4. Thanks for the comment, if you look at my article on cannabutter you will see that method number two is the method you describe:



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