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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Vermont Makes Another Step in the Right Direction

According to WCAX Vermont is poised to make a step in the right direction with their marijuana laws in a preliminary vote to expand the medicinal marijuana laws of that state. According to the article the laws which currently permits "people with cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis to use marijuana to relieve some of the symptoms of their condition" would be altered to allow anyone with a "debilitating" disease.

Keep up the good work Vermont, its a small step in the right direction. Next listen to those people advocating decriminalization, you might find they are not as crazy as you first assumed.

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If Marijuana became legalized would you support its taxation?

Do you think our economy can be saved by legalizing marijuana

What do you think the Origins of the slang term 420 is

Would you vote for a politician solely on their stance on Marijuana?

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If marijuana were legal would you grow your own or buy from a store?

If you use marijuana do your family members no

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