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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Terms For Highs

After all this heavy social commentary and talk of studies relating to marijuana use and abuse, I thought I’d inject a little lighthearted fun into the blog. To lift the spirits of all the Weed Warriors out there who visit my blog. Something to discuss amongst yourselves and have fun with. I encourage all you Ganga Guardians out there to post some fun terms you have come up with or across dealing with the responsible use of marijuana.

When discussing the different highs one can get some friends and I thought about the effects one gets from mixing alcohol and marijuana, and we thought we needed a word to define how one felt. The problem was we determined two distinctly different types of highs one got from the mixing. So we came up with the following terms. Feel free to use them yourselves.

Strunk – A light happy kind of high resulting from mixing alcohol and marijuana. Derived from Stoned and Drunk.

Droned – A sleepy unmotivated high resulting from mixing alcohol and marijuana. Derived from Drunk and Stoned.

Combining drunk and stoned was of paramount importance in determining these terms, however the combinations were determined because Droned sounds sleepier and more dazed out, also since marijuana tends to make one giddy it seemed important to emphasize the stoned part first when talking about being Strunk.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE being strunk. Thanks for the new word!



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