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Friday, 15 August 2008

Research Demonstrates Marijuana as Anti-Inflammatory

Research has been demonstrating more and more ways that marijuana is an effective medicine, but a new study showed that it is possible to use parts of the plant as an anti-inflammatory agent and not produce the high from marijuana.

Most research on marijuana has been focused on delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, the main psychotropic component of the cannabis plant. The new research focused on another cannabinoid called beta-carophyllene or (E)-BCP. This cannabinoid activates a secondary cannabinoid receptor. The body has two primary cannabinoid receptors, one CB1 is in the central nervous system and is activated by THC but not (E)-BCP. The other is CB2 and is found in other tissues throughtout the body, but is not present in the brain. CB2 is responsible for combating inflammation in tissues properties of marijuana and it can be activated with either THC or (E)-BCP so it is possible to activate the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana without making people high.
While this certainly does not help the pro marijuana legalization movement on the surface, it could trigger research into the many other cannabinoids in marijuana and their effects on the body. The more research on marijuana done, the better the chances are that people in government will sit up and take notice that more and more research points to the benefits of our good friend Mary Jane, and fewer and fewer point to any hazards.


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