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Friday, 8 August 2008

Is It Just Me?

I get Google Alerts for stories about marijuana, and it seems of late there has been an increased number of stories on the increasing potency of marijuana. I have dealt with this issue in several past articles, most recently Myth Builders: Skunk, but with the increase in reports about this such as the CASA study recently published. I thought I'd address it yet again.

This CASA study is downright ridiculous, they claim that in the 70's the average THC content of marijuana was under 1%, this is ditchweed territory bordering on industrial hemp. It's likely to make you more sick then high.

The study completely ignores the fact that even this "drastic increase" in potency still means that North American cannabis is still not as potent as the minimum acceptable THC content for medicinal marijuana in the Netherlands, which if my memory serves me is around 14%.

Even assuming there data is even remotely accurate there is still the problem of the data is meaningless. The data does not demonstrate that a marijuana user gets more intoxicated off the more potent pot. I know some of you out there might say, "well stronger pot means bigger high right", wrong, you see pot is easy to self regulate, especially when using a vaporizer or smoking it, as such once a user gets that high they usually stop.

Now lets assume that users do indeed get more of a high. Does this mean increased danger to health? Actually if anything it is decreased danger, since higher concentration of THC automatically means lower concentration of other chemicals in theory there is a reduced risk of other health issues.

These clowns keep publishing these reports in attempt to scare the public, and yet the public isn't buying it, so why do they keep at it? The definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing expecting different results. Is it just me or does this not fit the definition to a Tee?

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  1. ubfortunateky these clowns are nt funny at all....uncut2@yahoo360



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