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Friday, 22 August 2008

Mary Jane & Me

Since this blog has begun I have waxed philosophical about the wonders of marijuana, my personal opinions are well known on this blog and to most people who know me. Heck even my boss at my "day job" is well aware of my love of Mary Jane, but what is known to only a few is that this is not something I have believed my entire life. There was a time where I believed much of the government propaganda. I honestly believed, due to what I had been told by "authority figures" and my own observation of one pot user, that marijuana rotted the brain and caused laziness in users. I was a fervent supporter of marijuana prohibition.

Hard to believe that yours truly would be batting for the other team isn't it. Alas it was true, and I can only claim ignorance of the facts as to why I would believe the fairy tales of the government. By those who discover my deep dark secret I am always asked what was the point that I switched views. There was not magical turning point really, but rather a gradual change in my thought process.

When I was younger and still in highschool I watched as my brother wasted more and more money on hash oil. I truly believed that he was headed down a dead end road. To me it seemed he was always looking for how to get his next hit and didn't seem to be doing anything else. He seemed a true pothead. Of course looking back, his grades were good, and he had an active social life, more so then me to be honest. Then came grade twelve history in which a fellow classmate and I had an ongoing debate on marijuana, one which actually dwarfed what I learned in the actual class. He started listing all the environmental benifits of Hemp, demonstrating its usefulness, I retorted that marijuana was bad for you, and he responded that marijuana and Hemp were not the same thing, that industrial Hemp would never be smoked due to the extremely low amount of THC. That was the first cautious step towards believing that marijuana was not an evil weed after all.

From there it grew, the more I learned about the plant, the less I trusted the government propaganda. I have learned much about the plant and would love the chance to meet up with my ganga mentor from highschool and discuss the weed again, since that time I have learned that some of his own claims are myths spread to idolize marijuana, but most I believe, and now am a full on supporter.

So now I ask you my faithful readers (if there are any actually out there ;)) tell me when you first began to believe in the cause.

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