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Friday, 5 September 2008

Fort Collins Couple Sue Police Over Dead Marijuana Plant

Jim and Lisa Masters of Fort Worth Colorado had 39 plants confiscated from them in 2006, the courts found that the couple were covered under Colorado's medicinal marijuana laws and ruled that they were rightfully allowed to grow such plants. The police returned the plants to the couple, but the plants were dead or dying. The Fort Worth police claim they had no responsibility to maintain the plants since the couple had no permit. They seem to be forgetting that the Constitution of the United States states that property cannot be taken away from a citizen without due process of the law. Due process was followed and the courts ruled that the couple had a right to own the plants, as such the police did indeed have an obligation to return the property to the couple undamaged. The police don't get to determine the guilt or punishment an arrested person gets, the courts do. While $200,000 might seem steep for 39 plant that are to be used medicinally by the couple, they are owed recompense for their lost property.

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