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Monday, 16 June 2008

Call in the Air Force The REAL Afghan Threat Spotted

In a dramatic case of overkill the RAF (Royal Air Force) was called in to do a special bombing in Afghanistan. Afghan commandos discovered a vast system of desert trenches that housed what would become the largest joint known to man in the aptly named Operation Albatross II RAF flew in and bombed the operation and special forces then moved in and torched it just for good measure.

Why I say the operation name is so aptly named is that, metaphorically speaking, an albatross is a wearisome burden, much as carrying out US drug enforcement mandates in the middle of a war is one hell of an albatross. Especially when the US presence in Afghanistan is negligible at best. The US have given up on Afghanistan, why are our and UK forces still enforcing US Drug war initiatives that our peoples and governments don't agree with. And worse why are we doing it with military personnel in foreign countries? Sure, officially on paper the request came through the Afghan "government", but come on, do even the Afghani people really refer to the puppets currently in place as their government?

Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to the Afghan war, I support it. I am opposed to using the Afghan war as an excuse to curry favour with the US government by carrying on the US Drug War on foreign soil. When did NATO become a branch of the DEA?



  1. you support it ????????

  2. I support the war in Afghanistan, though I think it was poorly managed by the bureaucrats in the States and elsewhere. I do not support the war in Iraq however.



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