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Friday, 20 June 2008

Tobacco bad, Marijuana good!

Ok so the title oversimplifies things, but the Dutch Government apparently agree with the title. The Netherlands is putting a ban on tobacco similar to our own Ontario laws banning the leaf from any place of employment, although the law does allow for an unstaffed room to be used for smoking in public places, something the Ontario law does not.

The people most concerned about this appear to be the marijuana coffee shops as they often cut their marijuana joints with tobacco, a practice that will have to stop under the new law which comes into effect July 1st. Personally I say bravo and good riddance to tobacco smoke in public. I don't care what you do at home, but exposing others to second hand tobacco smoke is not a good thing, especially employees. There is no reason to need to cut marijuana with tobacco, in fact I would think that in the long run this will mean higher profit margins on the marijuana.

Of course the coffee shops are all worried that patrons will avoid them in order to continue to smoke their tobacco. Well folks let me assure you, it will happen at first, but it won't last long, just ask bar and restaurant owners here in Ontario.


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