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Friday, 13 June 2008

Cooking With Mary Jane Part 9 - Cannaoil

Earlier in the series I showed you how to make cannabutter, one of the bases for making any marijuana based food. Today I will tell you how to make the next most common base, oil. Because of the nature of THC bonding it with high fat substances is the easiest way to ensure a nice high without wasting your stash. There are multiple ways to make cannaoil, but we will focus on the crock pot method since it makes the best oil.

1 cup of oil
1 cup of finely ground marijuana

Crock Pot
Small metal strainer
Large glass measuring cup
1 coffee filter

Place oil and marijuana in the crock pot cook it on low heat for at least 12 hours. The longer you cook it the more THC will be absorbed into the oil and the more potent your oil will be.

Once the mixture is cooked place the metal strainer over the measuring cup and put the coffee filter in the strainer. Pour the mixture slowly into the filter making sure not to overflow it and allow the mixture to strain into the measuring cup. When you are done you should get a clear green oil without any trace of plant material. If the coffee filter rips the strainer should catch the majority of the plant matter, but don’t worry if it doesn’t you can always filter it again with a new coffee filter. You will probably want to use a spoon to press down on the plant matter to squeeze the last of the oil out of the mixture.

This cannaoil can be used on any recipe that calls for oil, but remember it is crucial that the recipe keeps it under 380 degrees Fahrenheit or the THC will just burn off.


  1. is this the same recipe for smoking oil? or this is just to make cookie/cake and stuff?

  2. This recipe is only for cooking. It makes a THC infused cooking oil.

  3. Thanks bro. This sounds better than cannabutter.
    If I'm right, in Celsius, it should be kept under 90 degrees. I think 90 degrees is the optimum temperature for a vaporizer to work.
    I've been off-line for a while,and haven't updated or posted to my blog in a while. It'll happen soon though. Good to ascii to you again.

  4. Its definitely nice and easier to work with then cannabutter. The smell isn't as bad either, at least not while its cooking. Thought the oil definitely has a distinctive aroma.



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