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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Prince of Pot Hung Out To Dry

Marc Emery is in the news today again (still?), by the looks of things his plea agreement may not go through after all. The stumbling block is the Canadian Government. Apparently “Canadian judge cannot be ordered to impose a U.S. prison sentence of no release for at least five years that is stricter than Canadian law requires.”

Now this makes Canada seem like they are protesting the harsh punishment being pushed on Emery, some supporters of Emery are declaring this a partial victory, but I caution you all and advise that you look deeper into the issue, this is very bad news for Emery.
The Canadian government is not supporting Emery, they are hanging him out to dry and forcing an extradition trial where Marc Emery could end up in a US prison for the rest of his life for an activity the Canadian Government was aware of and accepted income tax payments for.

Extradition can occur in the Marc Emery trial because he has not been charged with the crime here in Canada, the Canadian Government won’t charge him because they don’t enforce the law forbidding the sale of seeds, by not charging him they are allowing the US Government to step up and ask for extradition to charge him under their laws since he sold across the boarder. In turning down this latest plea bargain they are forcing the US to bring Emery to trial instead of sweep him under the rug, its good for the cause of legalizing marijuana because the more Emery is heard the more people will realize the insanity of keeping marijuana illegal and the harm it does to the economy and the citizens of both the USA and Canada. However it opens the door for the US to further threaten the sovereignty of Canada.

The Emery case exposed to Canadian citizens the fact that the Drug Enforcement Agency, a US police agency, has an office and essentially ordered the RCMP to arrest Emery. The DEA technically has no police powers in Canada, however they act as though they do and the RCMP plays ball and acts like a good little lap dog. The US government outright admitted the Emery case was purely political and not about justice at all, the Canadian Government has fed Emery to the US like a sacrificial lamb. Where is Canada’s backbone?

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