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Monday, 10 March 2008

Tongue Firmly In Cheek

It has come to my attention that a plant more dangerous then either Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica is available on the market and is being abused by millions every day. Like Sativa and Indica it is a member of the Cannabaceae family of plants.

Humulus, known by its street names as ‘Tettnanger', 'Spalter', and 'Saaz', has been growing in popularity right under our noses since time immemorial. Dried buds of the Humulus plants have a high methylbutenol content which has a troubling sedative effect on the central nervous system. What’s worse, is when fermented with various other grains becomes a highly potent beverage which dulls the mind and impairs judgment radically.

Chronic abusers have been known to become violent, gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Recent studies demonstrates that consumption of Humulus infused beverages indicate that use may increase the risk of lung cancer and kills brain cells “Excessive intake of [humulus]… kills brain cells” says a leading expert on Humulus, Dr. Clavin.

Our children are experimenting with this deadly drug, just look at the statistics:

  • In 2006, 45.1% of students in grades 9-12 consumed Humulus infused beverages
  • 35.3% of 8th-graders and 70.2% of 12-graders reported that humulus is “fairly easy” or “very easy” to get.

Studies indicate that youth who abuse humulus are at risk for:
  • lower graduation rates, higher drop-out rates
  • lower GPAs, lower academic achievement, higher school failures
  • higher incidents of unplanned sex, sexual assaults, and unprotected sex
  • trouble with community and campus police
  • lower wage potential
  • higher chances of alcohol-related traffic crashes and fatalities

The most shocking thing is you can walk into many stores and buy this easily. Being as it is closely associated with its cousin Cannabis it should be a prohibited drug just as cannabis is. Please join us in banning Humulus in this national effort I am calling H.O.P Humulus Organization for Prohibition. Ban this vile and evil weed, please won’t someone please think of the children.


  1. since Humulus = hops, would not his prohibition cause problem to the Beer industry? if so, you can just forget about it.

  2. Well it appears the title of this post somehow did not get published and that did not help the cause LOL.

    Hops is indeed the common name of Humulus, the whole point of this post was to take existing data and examine it in the same way pot prohibitionists examine cannabis to show the utter ridiculousness of their claims. Banning Humulus would be the end of the beer industry effectively, but it wouldn't stop people from finding ways to home brew it, or import it.

  3. I believe that you can look at almost anything and pick the bad and good points. Any thing in excess becomes bad for you. So taking too many vitamin C tablets is bad but taken in the correct dossage it has its benefits. The same with marijuana taken in excess it will be bad for you escpecially when it is most commonly smoked with tobacco.

  4. Yes, that was basically the gist of this article. However I do take exception on the "most commonly smoked with tobacco", the most common method is a joint which can contain tobacco, but that is not really the norm. The only time it is common to use tobacco is with hash oil, in which case tobacco is generally used as filler.

  5. Hi 420 guy

    How you doing?

    You know what, here in the UK I have or even in Amsterdam have never seen any smoke it without breaking up a Benson & Hedges cigerette to mix with marijuana to create a spliff. Even when I was younger never ever seen no one smoke the stuff without tobacco.

    That is why from what my experience is with the stuff mentioned that it is commonly smoked with tobacco because I have never seen it smoked without.

  6. It is possible that across the pond it is more common to use tobacco, however over here it is more common to have it straight, at least all the cases I have seen, even amongst cigarette smokers tobacco is rarely added. I have seen people add tobacco, but again not with a regular joint, but rather when used with oil.

    Thanks for the comments, I hope you are enjoying the site.



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