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Monday, 18 June 2007

Conservatives Turn Up the Heat in The War on Drugs

Ok, so Canada isn’t nearly as insane about squashing the so called drug threat, but Harper and his thugs in parliament would love to be. Evidence can be found on Harper’s government site outlining his National Drug Strategy and from the fact that one of the first thing Harper’s goons did when they took office was cut spending to studying the benefits of medicinal marijuana. But now they are actually interfering with the doctor patient confidentiality.

Bureaucrats from Health Canada feel they know more about what patients need then the doctors that actually see the patients. They are now calling doctors who prescribe medicinal marijuana advising them to keep the dosages low. These are desk jockeys who have never seen these patients informing medical practitioners who actually have seen the patients telling them they know more about what the patient needs then the doctors. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Sure it is possible that some doctors are prescribing more then the patients need, but then have a review process in place to keep it in check, don’t just call doctors up with no valid argument other then most patients only need 5grams, and demand that the doctors keep the dosages low.

And to add insult to injury Health Canada, on orders from the courts to develop its medicinal marijuana program, plans to force all licensed users of medicinal marijuana to buy the dope from them. All reports of the weed that Health Canada sends out is that the stuff is the poorest of quality stuff anyone had used, some even deem it barely smokable, not to mention overpriced.

Now I know all the critics out there will say I am being harsh on Harper, and that decisions such as this could have come from any source. My answer to you is, come on wake up, no civil servant makes a decision like this, that will be in the news, without thought to who is in the PM’s chair and what his/her thoughts would be about the issue, if not outright going to the appropriate minister for approval. So yes it is possible the decision to try to strong arm doctors into prescribing lower doses was made by some pencil pushing civil servant, however you can guarantee that Harper’s Thugs new about it, and if Harper’s Thugs knew about it then Harper knew about it. Harper runs a tight ship, it is unlikely that anything gets past him. Not to mention how vocal Harper’s gang is about the “danger” of marijuana.

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