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Monday, 16 April 2007

Health Canada Over Charges For Pot

On top of the fact that the marijuana Health Canada sells to the medicinal marijuana users is, from all reports, barely smokable, news now is that Health Canada is charging up to 15 times street value. According to the Toronto Star a 30g bag goes for a staggering $150. The whole point of Health Canada providing marijuana is so these people don't have to go to the street dealers where there is sometimes the possibility of the herb being tampered with by less the scrupulous peoples and enabling them to get there medication from the medical field.

It is great that Canada allows medicinal marijuana, but if we make it next to impossible to actually become legal, then we sell crap weed to the users, and we over charge for it, doesn't that negate the purpose. Health Canada should be ashamed of these low brow tactics to deny people medicine. A message needs to be sent to Ottawa that they should stop trying stop people from using proven medicine just because some people don't approve of it.

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