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Friday, 15 June 2007

Student Gets Suspended for Stating Truth

The Toronto Star reports that a Saskatchewan student was suspended for talking about marijuana and being involved in a protest outside the school. Kieran King, a 15-year-old grade 10 student, attended an anti-drug presentation and was surprised at the lack of facts presented. Ironically the anti-drug presentation encouraged King to look up facts on marijuana and was shocked to find the truth, that marijuana has legitimate medical uses and has never caused a single death due to overdose.

The school board of course claims the student was suspended for not obeying an order to remain in the school and attending the protest instead. I don’t know about you, but when I was in highschool there were many protests, and some of them even caused the school to order all students not to attend, however many students disobeyed the order and attended, they did not get suspended. If King skipped class for this reason give him a detention like you would any other truant and return to business as usual. The punishment handed out does not fit the crime considering that King could not write his exams due to the punishment.

Kieran’s mother had been called into the school to discuss Kieran passing out information about marijuana in school before and she took great offense to an apparent implication that Kieran could easily be a drug dealer. The school maintains that Kieran’s discussing marijuana was inappropriate as it was condoning marijuana use. Since when is stating facts condoning use? If I say that it can be perfectly safe to jump a motor cycle through a flaming hoop over 15 busses, am I condoning that everyone do so? King simply pointed out that marijuana was relatively safe, and this is considered condoning the use. The school might have a case if he handed out a pack of zig zags and a list of local dealers, but he wasn’t doing that, he was discussing facts.

Thanks to the discussion boards over at cannabisculture.com I downloaded the Wawota Parkland School Code of Conduct and after reading it I think the school is in direct violation of their own code. Examine the following quotes from the code:

“At this school we value each other, our thoughts, our feelings, our troubles and our triumphs.”

From the Anti-Bullying Policy Objectives:
“To encourage people to stand up for themselves and for others in a positive, and constructive manner.”

From the Positive Rules to Live by:
“Be respectful of each others differences and opinions.”
“Set a good example for others; teach people how to treat you.”

The school did not respect King’s opinions, and instead of encouraging his attempt to stand up for himself they quashed it. This does not set a good example and certainly did not value King’s thoughts or feelings.

Kieran's King's post on Cannabis Culture Forum


  1. As someone who's never even had a puff of a cigarette, much less marijuana (allergy problems, I really can't be near too near most smoke), I haven't really looked into all this, but I've been enjoying reading your blog.

    I've been curious, though, what is the law at this point concerning weed? I remember a few years back some Supreme Court thing and people supposedly being allowed to have a certain amount for a while. If someone were to get caught by the police with just one joint, for instance, what's the worst legal repercussion they could face here in Ontario at this particular point?

  2. Christian heretic,

    First of all I like the nickname you go by, amusing. Now to business ;).

    Thank you for your kind remarks about my blog, I try to keep in entertaining and informative, there is so much false information out there on the net that I felt a blog like this was a good idea.

    As to your question about the legal status of marijuana, yes a few years back an Ontario judge issued a judgment saying that Canada's ban on marijuana was unfair and should be struck down. The Liberals put forward a bill to decriminalize marijuana so that anything under 30grams would not be a criminal charge. However the decriminalization bill never passed, it wasn't voted down, it just died. And now that the Conservatives are in power it will most likely never be brought to the table again until the Liberals or NDP are back in power, and really even if the Libs get back in I doubt they will put forward the bill themselves, they may support an NDP bill on the issue but I doubt it would have the same support it once did.

    That being said, while marijuana is in fact illegal in Canada most law enforcement officers turn a blind eye to minor pot use. They'll bust you for dealing, but not likely for using. I know of one guy who had 10 plants in his house and someone ratted him out, the cops showed up and told him to destroy the plants and left without ever checking back to see if he had. More and more grow ops are being busted, so I doubt that would happen now, but it is still extremely rare to get busted for a joint.

  3. First of all I like the nickname you go by, amusing.

    Thanks. :)

    while marijuana is in fact illegal in Canada most law enforcement officers turn a blind eye to minor pot use.

    I am glad to hear that. If a cop was in a bad mood or didn't like someone, though, what's the worst consequence that one could end up with? A fine? Short jail time? Long jail time? Again, no interest in smoking myself (well, I'd actually be curious to try, but I really can't for health reasons), but I have been wondering this.

  4. Well it isn't so much if the cop is in a bad mood, but rather the judge who would lay out the punishment. The cop can turn a blind eye or not, if he chooses not to he has little to no say in the punishment. Ok now for the low down.

    Marijuana is a Schedule II controlled substance, and in accordance with the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act a person convicted of possession can receive a punishiment of a fine of up to $1000 or imprisonment of up to five years depending on severity. For a first offence the maximum they can give you is the $1000 fine or imprisonment up to six months or possibly both, for simple possession the most you can get is a fine of $2000 and/or one year, the five year imprisonment seems to be for grow ops or trafficking.

    Hopefully that answers your question a little better.

    As for your point about being curious to try marijuana, but unable to due to health reasons. There are very few health issues which would limit your ability to use marijuana, if you are worried about smoke inhalation then simply ingest it using a recipe from my Cooking with Mary Jane section or use a vapourizor.



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