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Monday, 26 March 2007

Police Raid London Compassion Society

The London Compassion Society was raided on Saturday in London Ontario, and police found 840 marijuana plants. The London Compassion Society is part of a network of groups offering marijuana to those with medical needs. While the organizations are not legal officially they are generally tolerated as long as they don't go overboard. The London Compassion Society states that in order to obtain marijuana from them they must provide proof of medical need. At this time I don't know what this proof consists of, but usually with this sort of organization a letter from a doctor confirming diagnosis is required.

Despite finding magic mushrooms, LSD, and cocaine I think this raid was a serious miscarriage of justice. It seems apparent that the London Compassion Society was doing more then they claimed with the additional drugs, but the bust was in relation to their marijuana activities, which should be allowed. If the government would stop harassing organizations like this and start going after actual criminals maybe things would be a little better. Organizations like the London Compassion Society should be regulated and legalized allowing medicinal marijuana users to obtain quality pot easily.

Marc Emery, one time London resident and its best known crusader for the legalization of pot, and known to all as The Prince Of Pot, was quick to make a statement on this raid saying, "It's clearly an injustice and clearly they're going to hurt people by this action. It's a terrible tragedy because otherwise people will be grubbing around on the streets" to get the pot they are legally entitled to.

According to Chief of Police Murray Falkner a grow op can be found within 15 minutes walking distance of any home. Tucker and Taz, the funny morning show hosts on FM96 suggest that we should make this London's new slogan, 15 minutes walk to a source of Pot "The Forest City". Great suggestion guys, now lets get a petition going to recommend this to city council.

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