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Friday, 23 March 2007

In Good Company - Introduction

In Good Company will be an ongoing feature of the Make Marijuana Legal Blog which will showcase a different famous pot user. It will contain biographies and information on the alleged pot use by these people. Marijuana use among the famous is more common then some would believe and that is the point of this section, to bring into the light how common it is.

Famous users of Pot (and those who will be profiled on the In Good Company features):


  1. In Good Company addition;

    Pierre Berton

    There is a funny bit with him teaching Rick Mercer how to roll the perfect joint. Makes one wonder if Paul Berton his son and Editor-in-Chief of The London Free Press was adopted ;)

  2. Man I don't know how I missed that episode, I love Mercer.

    I will have to do a bio on Pierre Berton as well for the series. The list above was meant more as a starting point and by far not the end of the list. Thanks for the addition to the list though, Pierre Burton will be an excellent addition to the In Good Company series.

  3. just surfing by, thought i'd mention louis armstrong and dave matthews...are they not liked up in the great north?

  4. Well I will definitely have to add them to the list too. As I said in my last comment, the list in the intro here is primarily just a starting point, not the end of the line by any stretch.



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