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Monday, 26 March 2007

In Good Company - William H. Gates

William H. Gates III, Chairman of Microsoft Corp., multi billionaire, philanthropist, and rumour has it pot user. Best known as Bill Gates founder and Chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates was born October 28th 1955 to father William H. Gates II, a Seattle lawyer, and Mary Gates, a school teacher University of Washington Regent and United Way International chairwoman.

In 1973 Bill Gates enrolled in Harvard University where he developed a version of BASIC for the first microcomputer, the MITS Altaire. Gates did not graduate from Harvard however, he left Harvard in 1975 to focus on his start up company Microsoft. Microsoft now earns more then $44billion a year.

On January 1st 1994 Bill Gates married Malinda French, and they now have three children.

In addition to his work at Microsoft he and his wife Melinda operate the Bill $ Melinda Gates Foundation, an organization that they have endowed with nearly $30billion dollars towards worthy causes across the world.

So why is Bill Gates, who is arguably one of the most powerful men in America on my list of In Good Company? In 1994 Bill Gates sat down with Playboy magazine and made a comment which led many to believe that he had used marijuana.

Bill Gates stated in his interview that he had frequented the Combat Zone, a place known for hookers, drugs and adult films while he was attending Harvard. In the interview he admitted outright to using LSD, but did not confirm the use of marijuana.

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