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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Make Marijuana Legal Blog Gets a Mention on FM96

It appears I have a little bit of fame. My blog was mentioned on FM96 this morning by Tucker and Taz the funnymen I mentioned in one of yesterdays posts. I wrote in to tell them I loved their idea of using Chief Murray Falkner's claim that in London you are always within a 15 minute walk of a grow op as a city slogan and put it on the sign. Well in true morning show fashion they did me one better and came up with a catchy jingle for the city of London.

Those of you from the area probably know St. Thomas' jingle which states that you get 25% more life in St. Thomas, well Taz's was your never more than 15 minutes from a grow op in London. The jingle was everything you'd expect, I really hope they play this on a regular basis. What I hope for even more is that they post the jingle on their site so that I can link to it and let all my faithful readers of my blog to have a listen.

They had sent me a request to talk to me on air about the blog, but unfortunately I didn't get it in time to be on air with them, however I did speak with Taz and he did state that if they needed a marijuana correspondent that I would be their man. Well Tucker and Taz, I await the call to action, wherever there is need for a voice on marijuana I can be there. In honour of this I am starting a new label category for this blog strictly for Tucker and Taz, every time this blog gets a mention, or I do speak with them I will enter a new post to the blog reflecting what happened, that way even if you are not within the FM96 Listening area you will still know what is going on, although you could just go to fm96.com and listen online as well, if I know in advance that I will be speaking with them I will create a post on here letting you all know when it will be happening.

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