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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Bongeneering Project #3 - The Mother of All Bongs

I’ve been saving this one up because it is perhaps my greatest creation, and because the instructions are complex and I am lazy. MOAB derives its name from a bomb I saw featured on a special about weapons being used in the current Iraq war. MOAB (the Iraqis version) is the Mother of All Bombs or the proper name is Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb, the most powerful satellite guided air delivered weapon in history.

So why use the name of such a destructive weapon as the name of my smoking device? Simple, my MOAB is the Mother Of All Bongs, the largest bong I have created to date, one of the most intricate

I have heard of too. Despite its size and complexity it is actually relatively simple and works on the exact same principles as any standard bong. If you’ve ever made a bong before making the MOAB is a cinch, I suppose I should start out with instructions to make a simple bong, but why bother, others have already done so. A quick and easy one is available here.

The MOAB is a multi-chambered multi-user bong, sort of a cross between a hooka and a standard two chambered bong. A standard two-chambered bong produces a smoother smoke due to the fact that the smoke is twice cooled and more of the carcinogens are removed from the smoke before you inhale. Bongs use water as a filter and coolant allowing more and more pure smoke and less and less carbon into the lungs. In theory the more chambers you have the smoother the smoke, of course the more chambers you have the harder it is to pull on it as well. Although this is a complex project really getting the materials is the hardest part. Although making this is fun, I certainly enjoyed the project, I don’t suggest using it to smoke illegal
drugs, the use of this for that purpose could get you arrested, smoke tobacco with it or don’t actually use it.


  • One 2L pop bottle (including lid)
  • Several small pop bottles (determine how many people you want to have smoke at once and have one small pop bottle per user), keep the lids.
  • A large bowl (buy one at your local head shop, or make one out of a socket and some tubing) you will need the bowl to be as large as you can get, the bigger the bowl the less frequently you will have to fill it.
  • Thick plastic, glass, or rubber tube, long enough to run from the lid of the pop bottle to the bottom. The thickness would be determined by your bowl, you want the stem of the bowl to fit tightly into the tubbing forming a nice airtight seal, the thicker you can make this tubing the better, so try to find a bowl with a nice stem that allows for a lot of
    air flow.
  • Some thinner (but not too thin) rubber tubing such as the kind used for fish tank filters. You need a fair amount of this to run from each of the smaller bottles to the 2L bottle.
  • Some caulking.


  • A large Philips screwdriver (for those of you following the entire bongeneering series will begin to realize how important a Philips screwdriver is to have around the house)
  • A lighter
  • Scissors


  1. On the two-litre bottle do the following:
    1. Remove the lid of the pop bottle and remove the rubber liner from inside the lid.
    2. Place the lid on a hard surface that will not burn or that you don't care if it burns
    3. Heat up the screwdriver with the lighter.
    4. Press the screwdriver down on the lid until you have a hole, the hole should be the same size as the large tubing.
    5. Leave the lid to cool.
    6. Heat up the screwdriver again and using a similar method place various holes near the top, the same number of holes as you have smaller pop bottles. The size of these holes will be the same as the thinner tubbing.
  2. On the smaller bottles put holes to fit the smaller tubbing about ¼ of the way down using the same method as on the two litre bottle.
  3. Put the tubing into the hole on the 2L bottle cap and allow the tubbing to run to the bottom of the 2L bottle generously caulk the tubbing so it is an airtight seal between the tubbing and the cap,do not caulk the lid on, you need this to be removable.
  4. Put the thinner tubes into each of the holes on the 2L bottle just enough so they are in the bottle.
  5. Caulk the thinner tubes onto the 2L bottle and allow to dry.
  6. Run the thinner tubes to each of the smaller pop bottles and run it through the holes to the bottom of the bottles and caulk where the hoses go into the bottles.
  7. Allow the caulking to dry.
  8. Fill each of the bottles about half way.
  9. Put the bowl into the tubing that leads out of the 2L bottle.
  10. Remove the lids from any smaller bottle that you will actually be using.
  11. Fill the bowl with whatever substance you will be smoking.
  12. Light the bowl and inhale from the opening in the smaller bottles all at once.

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