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Monday, 13 April 2009

Wash. man gets life term for pot slayings

Wash. man gets life term for pot slayings

The above article talks about a man who was convicted of murder and sentenced for life in prison for his part in execution style murders at a grow op in Snohomish County Washinton. Good, put him away for life. Murder should be a life in prison scenario. That being said, violence like this needs to stop. The only way to stop violence like this is to legalize, and regulate the sale and use. As long as it is illegal it is worth it for criminal scum like this to control, steal, and murder for marijuana.

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If Marijuana became legalized would you support its taxation?

Do you think our economy can be saved by legalizing marijuana

What do you think the Origins of the slang term 420 is

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If marijuana were legal would you grow your own or buy from a store?

If you use marijuana do your family members no

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