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Monday, 20 April 2009

London Free Press - Marijuana Muffins Sicken Dogs

Marijuana muffins sicken dogs
Sat, April 18, 2009


A hard-partying teenager -- and not a malicious animal-hater -- was behind a number of dog poisonings at a Port Perry park last month, Durham Regional Police said yesterday.

Investigators determined source of the poisonings were marijuana-laced muffins, dumped in Poplar Park by an 18-year-old who was cleaning up after hosting several house parties during March Break.

Four dogs became ill on March 23 after eating the tainted treats.

A local vet alerted authorities and initial testing of the treats led police to believe they were spiked with antifreeze. But subsequent tests revealed the dogs may have suffered cannabis poisoning.

"The citizens in the area were very helpful in solving this case," Durham Regional Police spokesperson Dave Selby said, adding their tip led investigators to the teen.

Police don't believe the teenager had any criminal intent in dumping the tainted muffins and he won't be charged.

All the sickened dogs have made full recoveries.

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Ok I am confused, what the heck is cannabis poisoning. I have only ever come across this term twice, and both times the medical community were puzzled by the cases and suspected there was more too it. These dogs looked like they had consumed antifreeze, a very toxic substance, but it turns out it was marijuana? I detect the distinct aroma of seafood, or is that manure of a male cow? In order to fatally overdose on marijuana a person would have to smoke or ingest ridiculous amounts of marijuana, so much so it is virtually impossible, now granted dogs have much less mass and therefore require much less marijuana to overdose, that being said, how many freaking muffins did this teenager toss?

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