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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Associated Press: Mexican Congress debates legalizing marijuana

The Associated Press: Mexican Congress debates legalizing marijuana

Once again a discussion on legalizing marijuana, this time out of Mexico, and like so many others before it doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. That being said discussion on the merits is ALWAYS good. The more people discuss legalization, the more people will realize that legalization won't bring more violence, but rather help curb it.

From the above article I notice that they are only talking about decriminalization really, not true legalization, and that is the problem. Decriminalization will do nothing to stop the violence, only legalization and regulation will do that. Decriminalization will keep the supply in the hands of the cartels, where legalization would put the supply in the hands of the people. Gangs wouldn't disappear, but they'd fade and be forced to find other businesses, perhaps ones that are easier to track.

Mexico should learn from history, and the examples set by the USA, they shouldn't worry that relations will be strained with the US, that would be a short term fall out. Eventually, as the Mexicans could focus on illegal distribution across the boarder exporting of marijuana from Mexico to the States would die down, and in the long run this would be good for both countries. Plus the tourism in Mexico would skyrocket as American's and Canadian's flocked down to Mexico to be able to legally spark up in public without fear of reprisal.

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