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Friday, 27 March 2009

Rules may be tightened on smoking medical marijuana

Rules may be tightened on smoking medical marijuana

Canada.com reports that the federal government of Canada is finally looking at actually writing the rules for when and where one can use marijuana for those who are registered with the medicinal marijuana program. Now I don't like the idea of the government having more laws on the books to confuse matters, but as it is right now marijuana users are being harassed by business owners and police because no one, not the smokers or the authorities, have any idea how the program is supposed to work. Firming up the rules, however, can finally make it so everyone knows the deal.

Its about time the government got off its butt and did something. Though I wish it wasn't Harper's conservatives who were doing it. Harper's likely to make the restrictions so tight as to make the program pointless. Although if he does that he might just find the Supreme Court deeming the laws unfair and forcing their hands again.

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