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Friday, 27 March 2009

London Free Press - Local News- Fire discloses pot grow-op

London Free Press - Local News- Fire discloses pot grow-op

Since this happened in my own back yard (not literally people, just that I am a fellow Londoner), I thought I should post this one. I do find it odd however that no one is saying how many plants there are. Cops are always ever so proud of how many plants they pull out of a grow op, super inflating their value to make them sound oh so heroic.

I find it amusing that everyone is shocked that a nice guy has a grow op. Do they really believe all the hype that everyone who has a grow op is a nasty gangster? People who smoke and even grow marijuana are every day people for the most part, we are your doctors, your car mechanics, your lawyers, your computer repair technicians, and yes even your teachers. The only reason organized crime has ANYTHING to do with marijuana is because of silly prohibition laws.

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