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Thursday, 24 April 2008

DEA Agents Say Where Did I Leave My Gun?

Well this isn’t directly related to marijuana legalization issues, but since it demonstrates the over all incompetence of the Drug Warrior’s of the USA I thought it fitting that I blog on this one. According to ABC News DEA agents have a hard time keeping track of their weapons. Now I can understand the thefts, not much the DEA can do about brazen thieves who steal DEA weapons from hotel rooms while the agent is on the balcony, but some of the ways the DEA agents lost their weapons are beyond ridiculous.

Can you imagine what would happen if your average Joe had a hand gun that he left in an airport bathroom, wow what would happen to him? But for the DEA that is not a unique situation. DEA agents are apparently leaving their guns everywhere from supermarkets, to trash bins, to the roof of their car. Worse still these agents aren’t even reporting the loss of their weapons in a timely or proper fashion, they wait weeks months or sometimes years to report the loss. I think perhaps the DEA is using a little too much of the very products they are working so hard to prohibit.

Now where did I leave my bong, oh ya on the roof of my…. damn never mind.

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