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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Chill Out Dude

The phrase Chill Out is common amongst Cannabis Connoisseurs, but where does the phrase come from. During the 1990’s it became and extremely popular phrase, however it stretches much further back then that, and it has very close ties to the cannabis culture.

The phrase is said to originate from the use of Chillums also known as Chilams. Originating in India from the Hindu culture a Chillum is a sacred pipe for smoking hashish dating as far back as the 18th century, or possibly earlier if the evidence that the Sufi Muslims used it as far back as the 16th century is correct. The concept of the chillum migrated to Jamaica as well for the Rastafarians.

The use of a chillum is a very sacred tradition to both the Hindu and the Rastafarian cultures. There are specific rites to follow when lighting the chillum and a specific direction the pipe must be passed.

Rastafarians specifically began using the phrase chill out in reference to relax using a chillum. The phrase eventually took off and spread to include relaxing in general, not just in reference to the chillum.

So next time you say “chill out dude” remember that you are referring to using a ritualistic pipe, and light up. So everyone just chill out will you!

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