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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Another Job Listing

It looks as though this blog is starting to become a job listing blog as well. Normally there would be no reason to post jobs on a marijuana blog, but of late there has been a plethora of positions for the pot producers and 420 fans. This latest one is a Government of Canada sponsored gig. Apparently Health Canada has finally admitted the weed they sell to medicinal marijuana patients in Canada is a disgrace and are now looking for a replacement company to grow marijuana for medicinal marijuana patients in Canada. The winning bidder will legally be entitled to grow marijuana for medicinal marijuana patients.

To get this gig you simply have to submit your proposal to Health Canada once the RFP is officially announced sometime soon. However I'd be wary that the losing bids (and the winning one for that matter) may just be under close scrutiny by the RCMP after the RFP process.

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