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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Another Annoying Argument

This blog is to educate the masses on marijuana, it was started for both the marijuana users and the casually interested. To that end I have to say to all you marijuana activists out there be careful how you argue or you will hurt the cause. This seems to be a recurring theme on this blog, but I see it time and time again and feel I need to say something.

This time the argument is "If you don't smoke pot you can't know". This argument is silly at best I don't smoke tobacco and I know its bad for me. Like the "its a natural plant" argument it is too easily argued and does no good. The argument that only pot smokers understand the risks involved in smoking pot goes no where and sounds like crazy rantings of a drug addled mind.

So do the cause a favour and argue from a logical standpoint, if you don't have an argument that is based on logic and science then stay out of the debate.

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  1. i smoke because i love it!



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