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Friday, 8 June 2007

BBC Spreads Anti-Pot Propaganda

The BBC published an article about marijuana side effects that has about as much credibility as Reefer Madness. They use no doctors as reference just two heavy ex-users. One who apparently considers himself an expert on mental health because he works for a publishing company that publishes books on the subject. The other admits to smoking up to 20 joints a day and mixed it with a pharmacy of other drugs in order to normalize the side effects of marijuana, but it must have been the marijuana that caused her problems.

The article does not even try to be scientific or fact based, it uses conjecture and a study group of two people to show how harmful marijuana is. Although they never claim this is a scientific study it seems that they'd want to at least reference some stories to show that they aren't just blowing smoke up everyones arse, but then that would be silly expecting main stream media to do an unbiased and fair report on marijuana.

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