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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Debunking The Innocuous Drug Theory

Ok, just to play devil's advocate, I am going to discuss the evils of marijuana. Many critics of the drug laws like to extol the virtues of pot while ignoring the problems. Marijuana is a mind altering drug, it has psychotropic properties, judgment is impaired while smoking "the reefer".

Positive Myth #1 - Zero Death toll

Sure there has never been a reported case of a death as a direct result of marijuana use. Does this mean no one ever died as a result of the sticky icky? Most certainly not. Incidents of accidents due to people driving while high on pot are quite high. Not nearly as high as alcohol use, but still driving under the influence of anything that has an effect on your judgment is not a good idea.

Positive Myth #2 - No Negative Health Effects

Yes marijuana has been proven to be less addictive them alcohol, coffee, nicotine, and countless other legal substances, however this does not mean it is less harmful in all cases. Addiction has very little to do with the health effects. A joint contains as many harmful chemicals as a cigarette, and in some cases in higher concentrations. Cancer amongst long time mary jane users may not be higher, and THC may even fight lung cancer, but that doesn't mean it isn't harmful, there is a host of chemicals you are inhaling with every puff. Marijuana is not without its negative health effects, but neither is eating at McDonald's.

In conclusion, try not to be over zealous when campaigning for the legalization of marijuana, use facts not rhetoric, try not to stoop to their level by inflating the facts. In the end logic and reason will win out, but only if those pro legalization use logic and reason to argue. Propaganda has no place in the fight to legalize marijuana, on either side.

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