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Monday, 14 May 2007

Cop Steals Pot, Gets Off Scott Free

According to this Associated Content article Edward Sanchez, the ex-chief of police for Dearborn Heights, stole pot off of a dealer he arrested, used said pot to make brownies got way too high and called 911 freaking out. Apparently this is not the first time Sanchez and his wife took drugs that were evidence or for police use (ie. cocaine to train police dogs) and got high. So what is Sanchez's punishment for his misdeeds, nothing, he was allowed to resign. If you or I did this, even forgetting the fact that it was stolen drugs from the police themselves, we'd be in prison for years, this pig uses and gets let go. Normally I am all for letting users go free without charges, but this is a cop who arrests dealers and users then goes home and uses himself, this is hypocrisy and selective enforcement of the laws. Sanchez and his wife should be arrested and given the maximum penalty for drug use.


  1. The real phone conversation was hilarious.

  2. Yes, I saw a transcript on another site, way to funny.



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