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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Cops Plan Weed On 92 Year old Woman

I stumbled across this article this morning. Sure I know, its old news, and it is on a discussion board and not on an actual news site making it possibly unreliable, but I thought I'd mention it and talk about it briefly. The article brings up so many points that are just down right scary, sure the woman shot at the cops, however it was a no knock raid by plain cloths officers, in other words they stormed her house without warning and without identifying themselves, by the time they identified themselves they would have been in the home and the woman would have been terrified and running on pure adrenaline, what would you do if you had a gun and your door was suddenly knocked down by armed men who were not in any sort of uniform?

What bothers me most about this article is not the no knock raid (as disturbing as this is), or the fact that they shot the woman (as tragic as that is) it is that these officers actually felt that three bags of weed would have justified the raid. I mean first off the police organize a raid on a dwelling that they openly admit they were not even sure was the home of a drug dealer, then when the victim tries to defend herself they shoot her, and as a final blow when they find they were in error after all they plant a measly three bags of weed on her as if this small amount of weed justifies a violent blood bath. I mean even if these bags are suitcases no amount of weed justifies this treatment.

I thank god I live in Canada where such insanity is kept to a minimum and weed is not looked upon as the root of all evil. Sure our laws on the issue are seriously messed, but at least crap like that doesn't happen.

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