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Friday, 20 April 2007

Open Letter to the Government of Canada

Today, as promised I sent an open letter to various elected officials regarding marijuana legalization. I suggest anyone that reads this also sends a similar letter. Lets open up the governments eyes.

Open Letter to the Government of Canada

Addressed To:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
MP Robert Douglas Nicholson Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
MP Tony Clement Minister of Health
MP Irene Mathyssen - London Fanshawe (MP for my riding)

Open Letter to The Government of Canada

It's time for Canada to open its eyes. Too long have the citizens of Canada sat back and allowed the Government to meddle in our personal affairs in the name of protecting ourselves from ourselves. It is time for Canada to have laws based on logic and fact not a handful of peoples' views about morality and outdated propaganda. Laws should be in place to protect us from others not to interfere in our personal lives or impose someone else's sense of morality upon us.

Study after study has shown cannabis to be substantially less harmful then liquor or tobacco, and yet cannabis is a banned substance while tobacco and liquor are not. I ask you, the citizens' representatives in government to explain why. Why is it that, despite zero cases of overdose, despite evidence that THC fights cancer, despite the lack of evidence that cannabis has any significant long-term negative effects, cannabis remains a banned substance?

Why do we waste $400 million arresting and prosecuting citizens for possession of this herb, and yet our health care is falling apart? Why are we denying our farmers the chance to grow a cash crop of unparalleled value? Why are we not collecting taxes on the billions of dollars spent on marijuana by Canadians each year? Why is there no bill before the house to legalize marijuana?

It is time to take a serious look into marijuana, both the good and the bad aspects need to be looked into, allow science to fully examine the drug to see what good or harm it can do and judge its worth on that, not on old propaganda. If science proves it is dangerous, then fine keep the ban, however if every other study to date proves correct and it turns out to be no more dangerous then your morning cup of coffee, then it is time to lift the ban.

I urge any representative to consider what the prohibition of marijuana is costing this country, and compare it to what benefits legalization could bring. Marijuana is NOT a harmful drug, but a plant with enormous medicinal benefits, and untapped economic potential. Prohibition helps no one, legalization is the only logical course of action. In 1923 Marijuana was added to the list of illegal drugs. This was done without parliamentary debate of any kind. It was summarily added to the list without scientific evidence to support claims of its evils. Such a change to the laws without debate should never have occurred, and it is time for the debate to be heard.

Resident of London-Fanshawe Riding in London Ontario Canada


  1. good info. I only wish the average American had the same views. Too many petty misdemeanor possession charges lead to trumped up charges later in life when a more serious crime is commited. Many times leading to jail when no prior charges would not.

  2. Very well said. If there were more individuals smoking pot to relax vs. drinking alcohol there would be less:
    Domestic Violence
    Deaths from Drunk Drivers
    Fights Breaking out in bars (Everyone would be happy)
    Basically, marijuana calms you down and allows you to see things more clearly. Your more willing to hear what someone else is saying with interest vs. aggravation.




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