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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

What Not To Do: Cases #1 & #2

What not to do is going to be an ongoing feature in this blog demonstrating the stupidity of some potheads in order to show the rest of you out there how to avoid jail time for your habit.

Case #1 Check The Barn Door

A Wisconsin man who stashed his pipe and weed in his underwear when he got his car stuck in a ditch and cops came to assist. When the man stepped out of his car they saw his fly undone and asked if he had anything illegal in his pants, they searched him and arrested him for possession. To top it off this bone head was driving when his license was revoked.

Case #2 Avoid Hitting Pigs

A South Carolina man hit a parked police car on a highway in Orangeburg. When the police examined the car they found 43lbs of marijuana, some joints, and some cocaine. He was charged with Driving under the influence, cocaine possession, and marijuana trafficking.

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