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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Uncle gives Pot to 2 and 5 year old brothers

Ok, in case you haven't noticed I am without a doubt pro legalization of marijuana, but these are two potheads that deserve serious jail time for their pot related crimes.

Allegedly while the mother of two children aged two and five slept her brother and a friend taught and encouraged the children to smoke up, and they video taped it. What kind of moron is so reckless as to give marijuana to children? Yes pot is a relatively harmless drug, but non the less this is stupid and dangerous. Who knows what could have happened to a two year old smoking up, let alone the five year old.

I think serious investigation into if the mother knew that her brother might be doing this. I think smoking in front of children is a bad enough idea, these two chuckleheads took it just that extra step further beyond bad idea into moronic.

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