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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Why the Marijuana Party is Not the Answer

Ok everyone knows I am pro legalization of marijuana. So why then am I writing an article that slams the Marijuana Party, simply put they can never and will never achieve their goals, at best they will assist others in achieving it.

Most critics of the marijuana party claim they are a one trick pony and have no platform other than the legalization of marijuana, and while this may be true in some ridings, for the most part this is not true. I have spoken with various candidates for the marijuana party, they are always intelligent, articulate, and politically aware beyond just the marijuana issue. Really they should be the the ones to take the fight to Ottawa, but they won't, not as long as they are members of the Marijuana Party. As long as the Marijauna party remains as it is they will never become a political player, and unfortunately thats the way the party seems to want it. They think its a good thing that the are a party they are decentralized, it is not.

In order for a party to bring forward marijuana two things must occur, they must be centralized, organized, and act like a political party, and the second thing (oh so simple) have a name that does not pick on any one specific issue.

Beyond the Marijuana party being a disorganized brood of smaller political riding association based parties the very name takes the power out of the party. People see the name and think of the Marijuana party and its members as a one trick pony, they want legalization of marijuana and nothing else. It doesn't matter how wonderfully written the platform of an individual candidate is, the party will drag that candidate down.

What Canada needs is more political activists that actually get involved in politics. We need people to join parties, change views become candidates and work the system within. We need serious candidates in serious parties to bring forth the matter of legalizing marijuana and changing all the laws in Canada that have no logical purpose. What Canada needs is for Canadians to give a damn about politics again, what Canada needs is a charismatic political leader with the power to inspire change. Who can this leader be? Its not Layton, its not Ignatieff, its certainly not Harper, so who is it? Is it you?

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