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Monday, 28 September 2009

Emery To Surrender

The Prince of Pot is set to appear in BC Supreme Court to be taken into custody to serve his time in US prison. This miscarriage of justice is being carried out despite attempts by supporters to get the Canadian government to intervene on Emery's behalf.

The internets are alive with chatter about Emery today, some say he is a villain and others a martyr. Personally I think he's a Jack Ass that made some very poor choices and doesn't know when to shut up. That being said he should not be going to jail, especially not in the states. Stupidity is not a crime, nor is Jack Assery. The government should have charged Emery the second they got the "request" from the DEA to arrest Emery. That way Emery could not be extradited since under extradition treaties Canadian citizens cannot be charged for crimes they have already been punished here for. Charge him here, give him the traditional fine and slap on the wrist and tell the DEA to go take a flying leap off the nearest bridge.

Now that I am in full rant mode, I have to ask (AGAIN) why the hell does the DEA have offices on our soil. How does a foriegn police agency have ANY right to be here investigating US crimes and arresting Canadians. Sure they call the RCMP in to help out, but really come on, we should stop giving them permission to act as a police agency on our soil... where is our soverignty?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, where is our sovereignty?

    Maybe in the sky.



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