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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brave But Stupid Student Smokes One For the Team

I am always glad to hear of a new Weed Warrior dedicated to the task of the Legalization of Marijuana, so when I read this story on the net part of me said "Alright dude, that's the way to show them", the other more rational side said, "Doh!". On one hand what this student did is great for the legalization of marijuana movement, more press = more sympathy, that being said he got himself arrested. As the local pig spokesman said "If people want that law changed, they need to go about it the right way."

Ok for those of you who don't want to read the article let me give you a quick recap. A 17 yr old boy, who's name cannot be released from Tacoma Washington gave a speech in school, his topic, Legalizaton of Marijuana, by all accounts his speech was eloquent and well argued. At the end of the speech, to prove his point, he took out a joint and smoked it. Even some who were opposed to the movement praised him for his actions, one such student stated "He took action in what he believes. ... I do not condone the action, but I commend the passion."

I too commend this boy's passion. If the movement had more people like him perhaps marijuana would already be legal. However, when all is said and done he is a seventeen year old boy with a record, a drug offence at that. I wish him luck and hopes he continues the good fight.

Wash. student caps class essay reading by lighting joint | News Bizarre | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

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