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Friday, 24 April 2009

Marijuana found on driver who dozed at red light -- chicagotribune.com

Steven B. Clarke, come on down, you are the latest contestant on who wants to be a bonehead. While stopped at a red light Clarke decided to take a little nap, not an advisable thing to do at the best of times, this was not the best of times. Clarke had a bag of weed on him, and according to police the car smelled of that sweet sweet smell of sticky icky that we all know and love, to make matters worse he was just in front of a police cruiser at the time.

Now I know marijuana can make you drowsy, and I know it impairs your judgment, but come on. Even when I am doing everything right I get ultra paranoid when I see a cop car behind me, how could you just doze off while you had a bag of mary jane on you?

To make matters worse Clarke admitted to police that he smokes a lot of marijuana. Come on, he must have known it is illegal. Just being from Jamaica doesn't make it legal mon, even in Indiana.

Marijuana found on driver who dozed at red light

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