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Thursday, 16 April 2009

DEA Proud of Mexian Border Violence

The DEA is claiming that the increasing violence on the Mexican border is a sign of progress, and not that the war on drugs is faltering. I actually know what they are getting at, in some respects, that being said it is in extreme poor taste and is a very narrow vision viewpoint.

The claim is that since the Mexican government is taking the drug war seriously more crime is being reported and more bad guys are getting caught. In this respect they are correct. The problem is there would be no violence at all if drug laws were handled in a logical manner. The violence is a direct result of the US's lost before it began war on drugs. If America would stop acting as a World Police Force and drugs were handled by regulation instead of prohibition then the world would be a much more peaceful place.

I am not saying the drug gangsters are fine upstanding citizens that got caught up unfairly, they are thugs and hooligans, very very bad people. Hang 'em high, and let them dance the gallow's jig. But you can go in there with guns a blazin' and shoot anything that moves killing many innocents along the way as per the DEA's modus operandi, or you can steal their business from under their feet and force them to go straight or get nailed.

Is it just me, or am I begining to sound like a broken record? The solution is regulation and taxation, not prohibition and imprisonment.

DEA: Mexican drug violence is a sign of progress, not failure (4/15/09) -- www.GovernmentExecutive.com

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